Kennametal – a leader in Road Rehab and Reclamation. We are proud to be a distributor of Kennametal asphalt grinding bits and accessories.

Flexible and reliable solutions for road milling equipment

Kennametal’s is committed to your most demanding road construction applications is unparalleled. Kennametal cutting systems provide tooling and wear solutions for road planers and stabilizers. From road planer skis, blades, cutting tools, bits, and kicker paddles to stabilizer cutting tools, tool holders, blades, and tool pullers, we have you covered.

Explore Kennametal offerings including the Road King and Road King Diamond Flex portfolios to learn how you can achieve greater gains in road rehab with our flexible carbide and diamond solutions.

Maximize Your Tool Life with the Next Generation of Road King

The next-gen Road King tool series provides superior milling machine performance. Its new design elements maximize tool life and make tooth changes easy and efficient for operators.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved body, washer, and retainer optimize carbide tip use.
  • Wear indicators make it easy to evaluate the remaining tooth use life.
  • Stronger body, washer, and retainer facilitate service access to tooth and deliver greater stability.
  • Holder protection is increased, providing more uniform cuts with better rotation and reduced axial play.
  • Compatible with all old and new generation 20mm tool holders.

Superior Performing Teeth with Improved Body, Washer & Retainer

  • Body shape with wear indicators enable you to quickly recognize fresh teeth.
  • Body shape & washer provide extra wear protection and improve your total cost.
  • Retainer with double stop tabs offers you better consistency with rotation & retention.

Road King Diamond Flex™

There’s no denying the benefits of PCD tools for road milling. Road King Diamond Flex combines the strength & durability of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) with the flexibility of Road King, while eliminating the common issues associated with other PCD applications.

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